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Week 2

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For the second week of my artist residency, i made more practical objects. 3 waxed canvas pouches in various sizes - the small one for myself and the other 2 are custom orders. Next week, i make something less practical! Boom! #ayearofmake2016  #jacquelynhebert #artistresidencyinmotherhood


I also finished making this smock tunic dress for myself. This is the first time i've made clothes by using a pattern. Pretty fun, the possibilities are endless and of course, the dress has pockets! 

During the 2nd week of my residency I also attended two art events. The first was a tour around Art Toronto, the annual contemporary art and artist book fair at the convention centre in downtown Toronto It is always interesting to go to this event and have a look at what kind of work contemporary artwork galleries are trying to sell on the Canadian art market. I have been lucky enough to get free tickets for the last 3 years and I am always intrigued by the variety of work on display. Because of the focus on art as commodities, this is a strange place for artists who mainly thinks of their work as a project of ideas. In order to survive though, we need to consider this part of our practice and it is a shame that a focus on the realities of the art market or of making a livelihood as an artist aren't often discussed in the art school context.

I also attended the First Thursday event at the Art Gallery of Ontario, . It is an unusual way to visit a gallery as there is basically a party happening all around you so it is much less of a contemplative space than I am accustomed to. However, the gallery space is also activated in new ways that I are engaging in new ways. We attended a nice little talk by Brian Hunter, a fellow Winnipeger and the 2016 RBC painting competition winner as well as an interesting nude performance that was obviously inspired by Marina Abramovic type of works but in a way that took itself less seriously. Here are a few images of paintings and sculptures that caught my eye.